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B Cafe Style Asian
C Cafe Style Burgers
D Cafe Style Pasta
E Cafe Style Specials
F Gourmet Brunch
G Restaurant Meat
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D5 SALMON + chips + salad $23.90
Succulent pan cooked pink salmon, served with crisp salad and golden chips.

Price $23.90 Inc Tax More Info Buy Now
F1S Scotch fillet $24.90
Genuine grilled scotch steak, served with crisp salad and golden chips.

Price $24.90 Inc Tax More Info Buy Now
A7 Turkish Bread $12.90

Price $12.90 Inc Tax More Info Buy Now
D2 Garlic Prawn $14.90

Price $14.90 Inc Tax More Info Buy Now
D6 Chicken Curry + Rice Dinner $16.90

Price $16.90 Inc Tax More Info Buy Now
C1D Spaghetti BOLOGNESE $14.90

Price $14.90 Inc Tax More Info Buy Now
C5D TORTELLINI tuscan $18.90

Price $18.90 Inc Tax More Info Buy Now
C2D LASAGNE and salad $15.90

Price $15.90 Inc Tax More Info Buy Now